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Payment Forum 2024
14 Nov 2024
6th Annual International Payment and Innovation Forum


Revolutionizing Solar Farm Maintenance with Drone Technology
The solar energy industry is witnessing a game-changing innovation in maintenance: drone technology.
Jul 16 2024
Quantum Computing: The Next Technological Revolution
Quantum computers have the ability to perform complex calculations at unprecedented speeds. Thus, they will transform areas such as data encryption, network optimization, and artificial intelligence and will enable the offering of new services.
Jul 15 2024
AI in Warfare, Ancient DNA, and the Man Who Stole: The Scream
In a recent episode of The Economist's "The Intelligence" podcast, experts explored the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence in military operations, a groundbreaking discovery in paleogenomics, and the fascinating life of an art thief turned painter.
Jul 14 2024
The Future of Energy Management: IoT-Based Smart Energy Meters Set for Substantial Growth by 2024
IOT-Based Smart Energy Meters Solutions: A Booming Industry with Promising Growth
Jul 10 2024
Google Expands Dark Web Monitoring to All Users Amid Rising Cybersecurity Concerns
In a significant move to enhance user privacy and security, Google has announced the expansion of its dark web monitoring service to all consumer account holders.
Jul 9 2024
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