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Middle east and Asia technology event and news
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Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit
15 Sep 2014
The First Gartner Security Event in the GCC

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  • 5th Asia Islamic Banking Conference
  • IFSEC Southeast Asia
  • Big Data World Show Malaysia
  • Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit
  • Capacity Eurasia 2014
  • 4th Annual Smart Grids & Smart Meters

    Regional Technology News
  • Path Solutions Wins International Finance Magazine's 'Best Islamic Finance Technology Provider 2013' Award
  • Red Hat Introduces Cloud Management Certification for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform
  • IT Networks in the Middle East - 4 Reasons to Say Goodbye to the Status Quo
  • Internet Service Providers in Lebanon Play a Vital Role in Helping Enterprises Combat DDoS Cyber Attacks
  • CS Financial Systems Scores a Record Fourth Win at the Beacon of ICT Awards 2014
  • ESET Inks Partnership with Gateworx for Distribution of IT Security Solutions in Egypt
  • A10 Networks’ Web Application Firewall Achieves ICSA Labs Certification
  • Organizations Overwhelmed by Increased Security Complexities in Detecting and Resolving Mobile Threats
  • Middle East Channel Survey: Classical Ethernet is Dead; Virtualization and Cloud Computing Demand New Approaches to Networking
  • Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Technologies for Information Security in 2014

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