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15 Apr 2025
The Worlds Leading Plastics and Rubber Trade Fair returns to Shenzhen!


Apple Seeks AI Help From Rivals After Announcing New Intelligence Feature
Apple is building a new AI system called Apple Intelligence for its devices. Even though they have their own AI tech, Apple is looking to partner with other AI companies to offer a wider range of features.
Jun 23 2024
Lost and Found: Which Phone Tracker is Fastest in 2024
Apple's Find My network is currently better at finding lost devices than Google's Find My Device network. This is because Apple's network is older and more established, only needs one Apple device nearby to find a lost item. Google's Find My Device network is newer and less precise, but it has the potential to improve.
Jun 20 2024
Android 15 Settings App Getting an Organization Overhaul
Google is preparing to make the Settings app in Android 15 more organized (APK teardown)
Jun 19 2024
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