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Improving Sustainability Concept In Developing Countries 2017
Conference - Education - Egypt
From Nov 16 2017 to Nov 18 2017
Attending price is:500 USD
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This conference aims to enhance and carefully maneuver through the many roles of sustainable architecture in improving the quality of life and the built environment in developing countries. It seeks to, initially, reduce the negative impact of buildings and, secondly, to conserve energy and enhance the ecology. Both can be achieved through the use of sustainable building materials, saving energy, and using renewable energy, and many more implementations.

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Sectors: Education  Energy and Electricity
Positions: C-suite (C-level executives)  CAO (Chief Academic Officer)  CAO (Chief Administrative Officer)
Topics: Climate change  Energy Consumption  Waste management


Improving Sustainability Concept In Developing Countries 2017
Cultural Sustainable Tourism (CST)
International Summer School / UEL University of East London

Event organizer
Event Planner
Country: Egypt

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