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Digital Marketing Exchange
Conference - Social Media and Digital Marketing - UK
From Sep 26 2017 to Sep 27 2017
Attending price is:899 USD
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Leading Brands | Strategic Marketing | Digital Innovation

To ensure the Digital Marketing Exchange offers the highest degree of relevancy, only senior executives responsible for strategic digital marketing development and investment are invited to attend. This exclusive format allows you to connect with those peers whose insights you respect most – through exceptional networking, business meetings and strategic information sharing sessions.
The Digital Marketing Exchange customizes each individual itinerary to reflect our attendees current initiatives, priorities and future strategic objectives. The agenda is made up of conference sessions, one-on-one business meetings, interactive Think Tank discussions, and other innovative networking opportunities.

The Digital Marketing Exchange is not a typical conference, with some key distinguishing features that provide attendees with a truly unique forum in which to participate!
• Attendance is exclusive - Participation is strictly limited to senior executives from leading corporations to facilitate true peer-level networking for our delegation and speakers
• Strategic conference sessions - The intellectual content of the conference programme is specifically designed for the seniority and maturity of the participants and has been developed following 9 months of in-depth research

Venue address:
Heathrow Airport, Terminal 4
Sheffield Rd, Longford, Hounslow

Sectors: Digital world
Positions: C-suite (C-level executives)
Topics: Digital marketing


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Country: UK

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