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Towards the Preservation of the Environment
Conference - Agriculture - Egypt
From Feb 26 2019 to Feb 28 2019
Attending is FREE of charge
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With a changing climate resulting in more frequent and fatal consequences, there is an increased need for a light to be shed on the hazards brought on by humans and current life-styles. The impact of carbon emissions produced through new constructions in cities and urban areas, for one, pose as a main contributor to climate change. Therefore, the necessity of adopting green building initiatives in new buildings becomes crucial.

The first international conference on environmental preservation of developing countries, organized by IEREK, is considered an important step towards establishing an understanding of the systems negatively affecting the environment and reducing unnecessary amounts of resources used in hopes of minimizing the overall impact caused. The conference is to discuss the different methods of integrating sustainable resources and attainable energy-efficient solutions in structures to preserve our environment. . It inspires the use of simulation tools to facilitate attaining accurate results in studying energy consumption in buildings.

This conference is a platform, or rather an opportunity, for involved parties to work in collaboration towards improving and enhancing the use and design process of green buildings in developing countries. Adopting and advocating discussed solutions is the main aim and path to making a positive impact.


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