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Pharmaceutical Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting Forum
Event (Conference and Exhibition) - Health - Switzerland
From Jun 18 2019 to Jun 20 2019
Attending price is:2000 USD
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Protecting The Pharmaceutical Industry Against Illicit Trade And Falsified Medicines

With sales of falsified, substandard and counterfeit pharmaceuticals estimated at around $200 billion annually, the illicit pharmaceutical market tops the luxury goods, alcohol and even tobacco industry’s illicit sales as the most lucrative imitation market. Such a profitable market continues to attract specialist counterfeiters and organised crime, making it clear that challenge of illicit pharmaceuticals is only growing despite public and private efforts.

The FMD is here and companies trading in the European market have serialised – so what’s next in the fight against fakesæ Can you say that your supply chain is now secure and your regional market presence risk freeæ If so, you are now in a unique industry position. If not – don’t worry, that is why we are bringing the industries leading supply chain, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting experts together in Zurich this June.

We know that there is no single way for brands to prevent the illegal copying of their products, and that global regulations, such as the FMD and DSCSA, are only one step in the right direction.

With a focus on understanding the scope and weaknesses in your current brand protection strategy, and pinpointing the best opportunities for greater supply chain securitisation, this year’s Pharmaceutical Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting Forum is designed to give you the tools and connections to move past FMD compliance and into proactive brand and supply chain protection.

Venue address:
Crowne Plaza Zurich
Badenerstrasse 420 Zurich 8040 Switzerland

Sectors: Health  Science
Positions: C-suite (C-level executives)


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