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Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Global Summit
Conference - Telecom - UK
From Jan 27 2020 to Jan 29 2020
Attending price is:799 USD
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Transforming the telecoms industry by connecting back-end innovation with front-end expertise to greatly increase customer engagement in the digital era

The CEM in Telecoms Global Summit is back for its 15th year doing what we do best; bringing together the world’s leading CX Telecoms professionals to share best practice strategies to help the industry solve its greatest challenges.

In the last 15 years, there’s never been so much urgency as now to master true customer engagement and centricity, to innovate with seamless agility, to build loyalty and reduce churn, and to leverage data across all digital channels to truly redefine the entire relationship between telcos and the customer. With new and exciting developments on the horizon, from the increasing advancements of AI and machine-learning, which are driving greater value to each and every customer, to the rollout of 5G and the endless possibilities of IoT, the telecoms industry is about to truly enter the fourth industrial revolution.

Venue address:
Hotel Novotel London West
Hammersmith International Ctre 1, Shortlands, London W6 8DR, United Kingdom

Sectors: Information Technology  Telecom
Positions: C-suite (C-level executives)  Vice President
Topics: Artificial Intelligence  IOT


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Country: UK

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