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Mastering Energy Storage and Charging Electric Vehicles (EVs)
Training - Energy - Singapore
From Mar 16 2020 to Mar 20 2020
Attending price is:5290 USD
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A comprehensive understanding of the technology solutions, business considerations and competitive environments of the booming electricity storage market, and the issues facing power systems when electric vehicles (EVs) become mass-market

Mastering Energy Storage and Charging Electric Vehicles (EVs)

16 – 20 March 2020, Singapore
22 – 26 June 2020, London

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Module I: Mastering Energy Storage


A comprehensive understanding of business opportunity, competition and risk in this key growth sector.

Do you understand the technology solutions, business considerations and market environments driving the booming energy storage marketæ This training course provides a timely, comprehensive and business-focused summary of the energy storage landscape. It covers the variety of competing storage technologies and describes the variety of problems they can address, at a wide range of deployment sizes and timescales. It also considers alternatives to storage and barriers to its market growth, making it essential for those seeking to evaluate risks as well as opportunities.

Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of why and where storage markets are growing, what could limit this growth and what the future trends will be. If you are thinking of investing in or developing an energy storage business, this course provides your essential grounding in the core issues.

Benefits of Attending

- Speak the language of electricity storage: terminology and concepts explained
- Language designed for non-engineers; particularly senior, commercial executives and investors
- Core knowledge building, plus examples from around the world
- Discussion of market analysis variables
- Quantification of key issues using simple numerical calculations and Excel-based tools
- Understand the key variables determining the economics of electricity storage
- Review current and emerging market opportunities for electricity storage
- Navigate complex, multi-service contractual relationships
- Be better able to converse with storage project partners, suppliers or investors
- Know what to look for when evaluating electricity storage market opportunities
- Be better able to identify key investment and project development risks
- Understand the key variables determining the economics of electricity storage projects
- Learn and discuss how financial returns and risks will arise in the electricity storage market
- Learn how to analyse and critique electricity storage business models

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal if:

1. You are from the investment community. Electricity storage presents a fast-growing market opportunity which you are keen to investigate, but you want to gain an independent perspective on the competing options, the economic environment in which storage projects operate, and the operational and revenue risks which are important to them.

2. You are working within the power sector in a commercial or business development role. You need a clearly explained, multi-faceted understanding of how, where and why electricity storage is disrupting existing markets and business models, so that you can understand new market opportunities and competitive risks facing your own business.

Including but not limited to:

- Policymakers and Policy Advisors
- Investors, including Commercial and Development banks, Venture Capital and Private Equity
- Power Generators (Utilities and IPPs)
- Renewable Energy Project Developers
- Transmission/Distribution System Operators
- Vendors and EPC contractors
- Large Energy Users and vehicle fleet operator
- Commercial Services Suppliers (Law, Insurance etc.)
- Oil companies and fuel distributors
- Automotive manufacturers

Agenda and Teaching Methodology

The course begins by providing a solid grounding in the current drivers for energy storage growth, including the impact of renewable energy on electricity system flexibility, along with key terminology and concepts. The landscape of energy storage solutions is then examined, with a particular focus on their competitive pros and cons, commercial status and likely evolution.

Key segments of the energy storage market are examined, using regularly updated real market examples to illustrate each of them and to focus the discussion on economic drivers, trends, business cases, market sustainability and growth potential.

Finally, we examine the key considerations and requirements in energy storage project development, including locations, planning, contracts and financing (from the investor’s perspective); plus an assessment of the evolving energy storage value chain and key players.

NOTE: Market examples are highlighted and discussed throughout this course to illustrate the various learning points and show that the content is based on market reality, not just theory. The agenda will combine presented materials with plenty of opportunity for QandA, interactive discussions, and the use of quantitative models to illustrate key learning points. Current market examples, trends, news and data are utilised wherever helpful to illustrate the learning. It is important to note that this market intelligence is continuously updated and refreshed for every course.

Module II: Charging Electric Vehicles – Grid Impacts and Value Chain Opportunities


Are you ready for the challenges and opportunities of electric vehicle (EV) chargingæ

This is an EV course for those in the electricity infrastructure and supply business. It introduces you to key power system issues arising from the transition from fossil-fuelled to electric vehicles. What challenges arise from the need to charge grid-connected vehicles and what new business opportunities and all-new power system applications and services are createdæ

You’ll leave with a thorough grounding in the critical business issues (opportunities and risks) resulting from this disruptive market transition. You’ll be presented with a mix of current market data, case studies, contrasting opinions and scenarios.
To help you better understand the variables and uncertainties that exist in reality, we’ll illustrate and discuss quantitative calculations; with all calculators and models available to take away and use after the course.

The training course is designed for investors, developers and policymakers assess new market opportunities and risks during the integration of growing fleets of electric vehicles into transitioning electricity systems.

Benefits of Attending

- Clear, independent and business-focused introduction
- Language designed for non-engineers; particularly senior, commercial executives and investors
- Core knowledge building, plus examples from around the world
- Discussion of market analysis variables and value chain scenarios
- Quantification of key issues using simple numerical calculations and Excel-based tools
- Review examples and projects in charging infrastructure and charging control from around the world
- Be better able to converse with EV and grid project partners, suppliers or investors
- Identify key power system business opportunities which arise from

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