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Blockchain in Healthcare Symposium Dubai 2018
Conference - Health - UAE
From Jul 26 2018 to Jul 26 2018
Attending price is:399 USD
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Connecting Blockchain into Healthcare

Healthcare will be the part of most aggressive industries worldwide implementing / driving blockchain technology. Blockchain is the future business model of supply chain and can be applied to the entire healthcare value chain. Blockchain technology will streamline and transform everything from medical records and payments to processing and analytics benefiting virtually all its stakeholders from patients and customers to providers, administrators, and institutions.

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Sectors: Digital world  Health  Information Technology  Logistics and Transport  Startup
Positions: C-suite (C-level executives)  CEO (Chief Executive Officer) / Managing director  Chief Innovation Officer  CIO (Chief Information officer)  CMO (Chief Medical Officer)
Topics: Artificial Intelligence  Big Data  Blockchain  Innovation  IOT


2nd Annual - GCC ICS Cyber Security Forum Dubai 2017
2nd Edition - ICS Cyber Security Forum Oman 2016

Event organizer
Event Planner
Country: UAE

Owing to their importance, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are quickly becoming the favorite target for threat actors wishing to wreck large-scale harm on organizations, communities and economies. With both state and non-state actors specifically intent on targeting the Middle East, this should come as a significant cause of concern for the region. Additionally, the fact that traditional ICS have been hooked onto the Internet without exercising proper security foresight makes matters worse

As the GCC heads deeper into the Internet Age, with governments and organizations keen on utilizing the Internet for any and everything (e.g. through concepts like Internet of Things and Smart Cities: both of which would critically utilize ICS), experts are severely warning against ignoring Cyber Security priorities

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