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Gas and LNG Markets, Contracts and Pricing
Awards - Agriculture - Singapore
From Mar 16 2020 to Mar 20 2020
Attending price is:5990 USD
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A comprehensive all-in-one course addressing all key elements for successful gas and LNG business strategies

Gas and LNG Markets, Contracts and Pricing

16 – 20 March 2020, Singapore

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Due to the complex geopolitical nature of gas/LNG sourcing and long term nature of gas transactions between buyers and sellers, it is commercially prudent for those involved in this process to know the global gas and LNG supply and markets condition, available methodologies for price determination, contract structure and negotiation techniques. Any misjudgement in any of these areas could result in wrong sourcing decisions, significant adverse financial consequences and legal liabilities.

This course has, therefore, been designed to enable the professionals in the gas sector and gas advisory services to make right sourcing decision, construct gas/LNG contracts and negotiate from a position of strength and knowledge in order to gain a competitive edge in the process.

Course Highlights

- Global gas/LNG market and market structure in Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe and USA regions
- Current gas/LNG outlook and trends
- Contract terminology and construction - operational, commercial and legal basis of gas, LNG and Gas Transportation Contracts
- Principles of gas/LNG Sales and Purchase Agreement (GSPA/SPA), Gas Transportation Agreement (GTA) and Regasification Agreements
- Gas/LNG pricing principles, current practice and price indexation in competitive gas markets
- Contracting and negotiation - proven techniques

Benefits of Attending

- Background knowledge to framework to facilitate gas/LNG commercial decisions
- Understanding current trends of the gas organisation structure
- Knowledge of the underlying rationale for gas contract terms and conditions
- Learn to construct gas, LNG and gas transportation contracts and negotiate them
- Understanding of techniques of gas/LNG price setting in competitive markets
- Awareness of operation of trading hubs, spot and arbitrage
- Holistic understanding of what is required to put a new supply chain in place

Who Should Attend

Energy professionals including but not limited to:

- Purchasing/Supply Chain
- Legal/Contracts Negotiation
- Commercial
- Finance/Pricing
- Marketing
- Trading
- Sales/Business Development
- Project Finance
- Corporate Planning

From sectors:

- Natural gas EandP
- Gas/LNG trade, shipping, transmission, distribution
- Government agencies
- Gas based power generation
- Gas/LNG related project finance, asset management, hedge funds, equity/fixed income
- Gas pipeline and high pressure transportation

Course Certificate

Upon the successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion bearing the signatures from both the Course Director and the Course Organiser. This Certificate will testify your endeavour and serve towards your professional advancement.

To register/enquire on this course, please contact:

James Soo
Infocus International Group
Tel: +65 6325 0352 | Email: james[at]infocusinternational.com

Venue address:

Sectors: Business  Finance  Oil and Gas  Public Sector / Government
Positions: C-suite (C-level executives)  Chairman of the Board  Chief Accounting Officer  CPO (Chief Procurement Officer)  CSCO (Chief Supply Chain Officer)


Project Finance and Project Financial Modelling
LNG: Supply, Demand, Pricing and Trading
Electric Vehicles and the Grid

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