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GEZE Wins at the Industry Awards 2017
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GEZE's unique combination valve machine wins Production Technology and Engineering product of the year

The GEZE combination valve machine was selected as the top product in the 'Production Technology and Engineering' category at the INDUSTRY AWARDS 2017. The building technology specialist won over the INDUSTRY AWARDS 2017 jury with an innovative solution for the optimisation of measuring, testing and automation technology, and can count itself among the best in the 'Production Technology and Engineering' category.

GEZE has perfected installation as well as testing and measuring technology in its manufacturing sector at its Leonberg site, with a combination valve machine that is unique in the market. Using precise automation technology, the new solution makes the manufacturing process more flexible, and therefore reduces the consumption of resources. This makes manufacturing both more economical and more sustainable. The combination valve machine has also been included in the newly published INDUSTRY Best Of list for 2017.

Sustainability starts right from the manufacturing of GEZE products

The combination valve machine turns a pure carrier system, a transport system in manufacturing, into a versatile device. It serves to put components into position, keep them there and fasten or guide them. Different variants of GEZE overhead door closers can be assembled with the same system, without any effort for setting them up. This creates minimum cycle times with maximum process safety, and subsequently, economical and sustainable manufacturing. Compared to the previous space requirements, different automation processes are condensed into a system which is three times smaller. This reduces the area needed for manufacturing and the consumption of materials, saving resources. All elements of the system possess proof of their energy efficiency. Compared to a standard system, energy consumption is reduced by more than 50 per cent. Another special feature of the system is its individual lighting concept: different light colours represent different system statuses. For example, if there is a lack of a certain material, the lighting concept (colour and light pulse) sends a signal to the surrounding area - logistics, for instance - so that intuitive and targeted replenishment is guaranteed.

"Sustainability has always been at the crux of GEZE's business model - Right from research, development and manufacturing of our products all the way through to after sales support." says Charles Constantin, Charles Constantin, Managing Director of GEZE Middle East. "We are extremely proud to have been recognized as industry leaders within this category and we're confident that the GEZE combination valve machine will go a long way in winning over the regional industry here in the Middle East."

For more information, please visit http://www.geze.com

Press release posted on: Jun 18 2017
Press Release

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