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Mindtree.org Launches Social Inclusion Platform to Democratize Technology for Micro-Entrepreneurs
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The all-in-one platforms combine digital technology, impact consulting, and professional services to co-create & co-operate inclusive eco-systems

WARREN, New Jersey and BANGALORE, India, December 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Mindtree.org, the social inclusion platform of Mindtree Ltd, announced the successful implementation of its five digital platforms designed to build inclusive societies and create more opportunities for independent entrepreneurs in India and elsewhere. The platforms cater to India's informal economic sector, representing millions of workers such as farmers, artisans and waste pickers striving to increase incomes and reach end consumers, and who represent the vast majority of India's workforce.

The purpose of the Mindtree.org digital platforms is to make digital technology and professional services accessible to millions of local entrepreneurs working in the informal economy. These initiatives help to set up profitable micro-businesses, connected communities and networked marketplaces, improving their income and standard of living.

More than 1.6 million independent entrepreneurs, alongside several state government agencies, non-governmental organizations and other partners, are utilizing five fully-operational platforms:

* I Got Garbage: Transforming Waste-pickers into Recycling Managers
* I Got Knowledge: Enabling 'Gap, Strength, and Interest Based Learning' in Rural India
* I Got Crops: Helping Smallholder Farmers Climb up the Agri-Value Chain
* I Got Skills: A Unified Platform for Grassroots Skilling and Employment
* University of Commons: Engaging Communities in Problem Solving

To learn more, visit http://www.mindtree.com or follow us @Mindtree_Ltd.

Press release posted on: Dec 11 2018

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