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Blockchain Enabled ExportPortal.com Seeks Investment Partners In 2019
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LOS ANGELES, Jan. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire - MySolutionInfo/ -- Export Portal, a blockchain enabled B2Be-Commerce ecosystem is making itself publicly available to investors in Malta, Dubai and Singapore to discuss a different type of investment: An opportunity that invests in the future of SME trade worldwide.

Export Portal is winning over B2B manufacturers, sellers and buyers by providing a platform with verified companies so as to avoid some of the issues of government run, IP infringing e-commerce companies that do not care about SMEs in distant lands.

Blockchain technology is changing the landscape of several aspects of daily life and across time zones and languages. Export Portal is geared towards helping those who are looking for buyers they can trust in new international markets. CEO of Export Portal Ally Spinu stated, "The world is becoming flatter every day. Old ways of doing international business will fade away as blockchain technology makes verified and reliable businesses known throughout the world, as their history, capability and business worthiness will follow them. Our burgeoning ecosystem will answer questions and provide options for those business owners manufacturers and sellers with a dream to trade globally. While some people lose fortunes on get rich schemes, blockchain-based ExportPortal.com has lead the way on SME and trade-based growth and is looking to expand further in 2019."

Ms. Spinu continued, "The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and Export Portal's novel approach to payment processing is a platform that banks and financiers should be looking at to further their relevance locally or internationally. We are looking for partners that want to change how people will trade going forward. Investors can join us in this pioneering trade space @: http://ec-b2b.com/"

Press release posted on: Jan 30 2019

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