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CnS Events delivers advanced development and networking platforms to accelerate the individual and the corporate performance for today’s international business leaders.

CnS Events is a fast growing company build up with an experienced talented and young team. We are the leading providers of conferences, trainings, workshops, In-House trainings and Special events to match your needs.

Our objective is to bring together specialists and deliver them with marketable expertise, business share relations and a world of opportunities. We provide all our services worldwide and to all type of organisations.

We provide our services in a vast variety of industries such as Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance, Energy, Infrastructure, Pharmaceuticals, Transport, Oil & Gas and many more.

We are dedicated to provide our partners - speakers, delegates, sponsors and supporters - an exclusive knowledge practice where they can find interesting and motivating issues, engaging exchanges and meet the leading designations within their field.

Phone: +36 21 200 1311
Fax: +36 21 200 1205
Email: info@events.cnsdesign.hu

Country: Hungary

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