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The Preservation of Coastal Landscape Identity
Conference - Agriculture - Italy
From Nov 5 2019 to Dec 7 2019
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The extraction of raw materials, the high pace of automation, and the processes of mass production have affected the environment severely. The exploitation of the resources has caused an unbalance in the ecosystem’s health. It is vital to consider that the rich marine environment has been under direct threats that extend to reach humans as well.

Accordingly, several topics are to be tackled and bisected academically in order to foresee the potential problems to arise as well as the aftermath of those currently faced. The massive influx of visitors, businessmen, and tourists to the coastal line has also redefined the nature of the spot; not necessarily in a positive light. The wave of industrialization, for instance, and especially in developing countries, has accounted for various critical issues affecting marine life, and water in general, due to waste treatment and management.

As a natural result, several attempts to preserve and protect landscape identity and culture through legal rights and developmental initiatives have taken place. Such attempts encompassed conventions such as the Florence Convention of the Council of Europe and proposals made on governmental grounds in order to halt the damage and challenges against coastal lines.


Cultural Sustainable Tourism (CST) - 2nd Editoin
Green Economics for Sustainable Territorial Development (GESTD)
Future Smart Cities (FSC) - 2nd Edition

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