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Green Economics for Sustainable Territorial Development (GESTD)
Conference - Agriculture - Italy
From Nov 5 2019 to Nov 7 2019
Attending is FREE of charge
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Modern human civilization has been developed almost 6,000 years ago and in mankind’s journey of development, a very specific, yet changing set of policies were set into place to govern economic growth. For years the study of classical economics has been of great importance to understand the functionality and the mechanisms at which this globalized world operates. Economics as we know it is a system that allows for production, innovation, consumption, and the transfer of wealth. However, in our historical pursuit of growth, wealth and development, the environment has provided us with a vast number of resources, but it has also been a sink for our waste.

It is important to understand that all economic activities we perform are inherently linked to the environment. While we, as humans, are able to yield the maximum amount of resources needed for economic growth, we mostly ignore the importance of using them in a sustainable and efficient manner. It is mandatory to acknowledge the significance of the Earth’s environmental systems and work towards sustaining the supply of resources in order to continue paving the way towards perpetual economic growth.

There’s a probability of over 95 percent that the phenomena of global warming and climate change are caused by destructive human activities taking place for over a century. Activities that have been deemed essential for economic growth have resulted in high emissions of six destructive greenhouses gases including carbon dioxide, methane, perfluorocarbons, sulfur hexafluoride, hydrofluorocarbons, and nitrous oxide. Other forms of pollution have also left current and future generations in great danger.


Cultural Sustainable Tourism (CST) - 2nd Editoin
The Preservation of Coastal Landscape Identity
Future Smart Cities (FSC) - 2nd Edition

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