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Real Estate Finance, Investment Analysis, Valuation and Modelling
Training - Real Estate - Singapore
From Nov 26 2019 to Nov 28 2019
Attending is FREE of charge
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http://www.infocusinternational.com/realestate Date and Location: 26 – 28 November 2019, Singapore


Real estate construction or investment requires a high level of technical expertise in building and using financial models if the building is to be profitable for its builder or owner. This has not always been available, with the result that a large percentage of real estate has been built or bought without the necessary understanding or planning to underpin decision making. The consequence of this lack of planning has often been disastrous.

The valuation profession, like many others, has to continuously upgrade and evolve especially in this dynamic real estate market in order to keep pace with one of the most active and profitable investment opportunities.

This course will teach you all the available techniques of real estate finance, investment and development, and how to apply them practically through the use of Excel, as well as providing insights into real estate modeling software such as Estatemaster and Argus. An extensive use of regional case studies will be adopted to illustrate the principles covered. Ultimately, you will get practical tips on layout and style in building and analysing user-friendly models which are available as additional benefits of attending the course.

Topic Highlights with Real Life Case Studies and Exercises
Day 1
• Property market trends
Case Study: Land values in Asia-Pacific and their measurement
Case Study: The concept of valuer independence
Case Study: The Multiplier
• The Building Blocks of Real Estate Analysis
Exercise: Calculating Net Operating Income
Exercise: The use of comparables to derive property values
• Analysing Real Estate Performance
Case Study: The MSCI Investment Property Databank indices
• The Crucial Forecasting Factor
Case Study: How accurate are real estate forecasts in Asia-Pacificæ

Day 2
• Financial Structures in Real Estate Analysis
Exercise: Calculating and using Net Present Value for real estate
• Legal and Advanced Value Issues
• Feasibility Studies
Example: Feasibility studies and their evaluation
• Risk and Return
• Indirect Property Investment

Day 3
• Financial Modelling for Real Estate
Case Study: Evaluating good and bad Excel real estate financial models
• Computer-based Exercise: Build a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model of an office real estate development
• Course Conclusion

Benefits of Attending

- Place real estate in a global context and appreciate what key risks are for the sector
- Learn market analysis techniques, data and reports
- Analyse the risk and returns of investing in real estate
- Develop land banking, investment and development bank proposals for real estate
- Evaluate discounted cash flow valuation, investment and development frameworks and financial models for lending analysis
- Integrate leases, tax and finance into real estate lending at project and corporate level
- Analyse and build robust models for complex property development and portfolio
- Take away a wide range of financial models for real estate
- Use both debt and equity financing structures and techniques
- Model any real estate investment scenario
- Be inspired. Just one good nugget of inspiration will repay the cost of the course hundreds of times over

Who Should Attend

- Real estate developers
- Investors
- Banks and lawyers
- Government and regulators
- Fund and asset management
- Hotel groups
- Tax, legal and accounting consultants
- Market analysts

Course Methodology

This course will teach you all the available techniques and how to practically apply them through the use of Excel and other softwares. Extensive use of case studies will be adopted to illustrate the principles covered. Ultimately you will get practical tips on layout and style in building and analysing user-friendly models which are available as additional benefits of the course. To take full advantage of the hands-on exercises please bring your laptop equipped with Excel.

Course Certificate

Upon the successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, to testify your endeavour and serve towards your professional advancement.

To register/enquire, please contact:
Vincs Kong
Infocus International Group
Tel: +65 6325 0351 | Email: vincs[at]infocusinternational[dot]com
Web: http://www.infocusinternational.com/realestate

Venue address:
To be advised (4 to 5 star hotel)

Sectors: Business  Economy  Finance  Public Sector / Government  Real Estate and Construction
Positions: C-suite (C-level executives)  CAO (Chief Analytics Officer)  CEO (Chief Executive Officer) / Managing director  CFO (Chief Financial Officer)  Chairman of the Board
Topics: Banking


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